This Center aims to offer effective learning tools to bring about real time change. No fluff or bluff The Soul Center offers DIY courses designed to be a stepping stone for healing and restoration. We are a Torah based institution, our administrators and teachers offer an universaL law centered curriculum.  

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Current Instructors

Mayanah Johnson

Mayanah has over two decades of study and practical application in biblical science. She currently conducts community outreach and provides personal crisis intervention and counseling, specializing in the concerns of women and the challenges they face in their faith, families and peace.

Genesis 2 Ministries founded by Mayanah Johnson

Genesis 2 Ministries founded by Mayanah Johnson

EMunah Y'srael

Emunah has 18 years of DIY Soul Improvement experience. she is the author of three books. Emunah is a wife, mother, radio host and truth seeker. She currently runs a community peer Group outreach. She also is active in the lev project, a forum dedicated the reading and restoration of 'black' history. 

Soulonomics founded by Emunah Y'srael

Soulonomics founded by Emunah Y'srael