Artist Social Media Shout-Out


Artist Social Media Shout-Out

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Our sponsors/artist are hand selected to represent integrity and positivity of this show. Please call to verify that we can air your product/service. We look forward to hearing from you.

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If you are an up and coming artist and need a little social push this is the right promotional package for you. Affordable exposure to hundreds of new music lovers.

With this package you get

  • Facebook Shout out & Link to your page

  • Twitter Shout Out

  • Quick on air shout out during radio broadcast

"Small Business working together to do big things!”

Thanks In advance.

Emunah Y'srael


*SOULONOMiCS101 upholds high principles and morals, all ads chosen to be advertised on broadcast must practice good business ethics and promote materials, products and information for the betterment of the community. We reserve the right to review all material. If you have any questions please contact us before processing order.