If not you then who, if not now then when?
— Hillel

Why is Soulonomics important today?

Progressive societies around the world  place importance on the acquisition of material things. Contemporary education is stressed as the recipe for success. Get a good education to obtain a good career and then you will be 'happy.' Its funny how the numbers show a different story. Stats bear out that people who follow these prescribed paths still are not "happy" or fulfilled.

The truth is a life without real defined purpose becomes stressful, depressive and unproductive.

Percentage of People who dont like their Job

American 2012 Underemployeed or Unemployeed

                    Washington Post Report                                            Purpose in Jobs

Job Pressure ranks #1 for the top causes of stress; for Americans factors such as co-workers tension, bosses, work overload are key contributors to daily stress
— American Institue of Stress

18.8 Million Americans suffer with depressive disorders
— US Census Bureau

Stress related health care & missed work cost employers $300 Billion annually
— American Insitute of Stress

What is Soulonomics?


soul · o · nom · ics \sōl- o-ˈnä-miks\ noun plural

1.     the universal study of the soul in its form, function, purpose and use

2.     soul purpose for human existence

3.     of or relating to the discovery and maintenance of the soul

<I studied  soulonomics at the University of life.>

Soulonomics is a term defined and popularized by Emunah Y'srael an DIY Soul Improvement Expert. Soulonomics defines and sums up all things relating to the personal study of the soul. This study is not for pure intellectual or debate purposes its focus is for the benefit of accomplishing ones own soul purpose. Emunah started her studies at a very early age, she purports that she often pondered topics well beyond her years. Her desire to 'know' her purpose lead here on journey that lasted almost two decades. 

In a past interview she stated, " I struggled with overcoming self doubt, self image and understanding life purpose. I left for college at the age of 17 years, in the University I wondered from class to class aimlessly seeking my purpose. The road of self discovery was a difficult one, my purpose lay dormant buried under emotional hurt, cunfusion and pain."

When everyone around her was  traveling and enjoying their 20's, Emunah sat in her cinder block dorm room grappling with her quest for purpose and truth. Today after 18 years she emerges finally getting a handle of her direction and purpose in life. Part of which is to help others who may not know where to turn and who may be struggling as she was.

Soulonomics helps the hurting, lost or broken soul identify, purge and heal from past hurts in order to gain clear vision of a better tomorrow. 

Emunah professes that together grounded in Universal Principles of truth the soul can be healed. She is confident and holds many things to be true, one of which she states; "Humanity can be healed if we tune into the Divine Creator the source of our existence." She goes on to say "the fabric of our very souls are soiled yet can we can become cleansed if we are willing to do the work."

Are you ready to learn more about Soulonomics? You can help make this world a better place. Change starts with YOU!

Note Soulonomics is NOT the following

  • Soulonomics is NOT a new Religion
  • Soulonomics is NOT new age philosophy
  • Soulonomics is NOT magic (no fairy dust here you have to put in work)
  • Soulonomics does NOT promote (necromancy, soothsaying, divination, tarot cards, readings or the like)
  • Soulonomics does NOT go outside of lawful Universal Principles to obtain assistance or aid in soul journey
  • Soulonomics does NOT replace 'traditional' diagnosis for serious mental conditions

Soulonomics is

  • Soulonomics is DIY study program that compiles helpful information, activities and aids to help heal the soul
  • Soulonomics is bases on Hebraic Universal principles
  • Soulonomics is only helpful to the soul who is really trying to change


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Thanks for taking the time to learn more about Soulonomics. Be well, Be healed.