Food feeds the body, words feed the soul. Eat Right
— Emunah Y'srael

Emunah Y'srael (Soulspirational Speaker)

Topics & Benefits- This speaker will bring added value to you congregation, club,school or business. She brings wit, intellect andhealing energy that is sure to engage and inspire your community on so many levels. Emunah Y'srael openly shares her learned DIY principles with souls who want more out of their lives. She brings the how to's of how to get started for those who are willing to do the work.

Topics: DIY techniques of Soul Repair & Healing

  • Soulonomics 101 (What is it? Why you need to learn about it?)
  • Learn how to maximize your potential by purging emotional baggage.
  • How to get started on your soul journey at a young age (Young Adults)
  • How to use your pain to fuel your purpose (College Students/ Adults)
  • Identify and learn how to get off your emotional relationship roller coaster
  • Discover your passion in real time (All Ages)
  • Issues surrounding 'black' women
  • Work place problem solving for 'black' women

Addressing these topics within any group will aid in defining purpose, and interpersonal relations. Decreasing confrontations and misunderstandings are not uncommon results. These DIY techniques are simply translated by the speaker because she uses her words to paint visual portraits formulated for the everyday person.  


Emunah Y'srael is an expert in DIY Soul Improvement with over 18 years actively dedicated to her own soul journey. She is the creator of the Soul Improvement Project, the Zacar Song Project (a national anthem for spiritual healing), The Take Time to Heal Community Support Forum and the In the wilderness Project a site for spiritual education and restoration of a down trodden people. 

She is the author of The B'midbar (meaning wilderness in Hebrew) Journal A 12 step guide to examination and purification.  Emunah moonlights as a reggae artist Sojournah, a regular radio co-host on international syndicated CPR Live, a natural beauty business owner, and avid truth seeker.  Her upbringing is steeped in Caribbean heritage and biblical directives.  The adventurous Emunah was born in Brooklyn, New York and later relocated to Palm Bay, Florida in her adolescence. By the tender age of seventeen Emunah Y'srael set off on a personal journey of self discovery.  

Momprenuer, wife and mother of four beautiful children, Emunah Y'srael is a repaired soul, recovering from the emotional wounds of childhood. She is a lover of peace, laughter and truth still traveling the globe she can be found living nowhere else but where she always will: in a world of escapade and learnedness.     


Love to hear from you, feel free to reach out to me and let us work together to aid the repair of humanity one soul at a time.

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Speaking, Singing and spreading joy from the soul are some of my favorite things. A smile goes a long way. Enjoy!