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Response: Angry Woman Destroys A Gas Station!

Images of uncontrollable 'black' women flood the banks of social media like the yearly flooding of the Nile. Similarly, many are still in denial about her history, her cause and her pain. Just when you thought the coast was clear for a while another ratchet video is released to stir up the emotion and opinions of the over inundated masses.

In this recent video we a see a slender 'black' woman visibly upset for reasons yet unknown. At the start of the video piece she is seen going outside to pick her flip flops up from the door. On the recording the videographer can be heard hurling mocking remarks and jeering comments. After which the ABW re-enters the store and goes 'ballistic.' How bad was the damage?

Click to find out more and be sure to watch Emunah Y'srael's response to this video in which she shed more light on to what could have been happening in this event.


Offically Launched

Yes I know I have been away for some time working like a busy bee to get the book finished. Well, wait no longer my friend because it's Tadah!! It's DONE!

The book Angry 'Black' Woman Syndrome Vol:1 is complete and on sale. Spread the word and thanks again.

Red Aleret the Angry 'Black' Woman is in Danger

Red Aleret the Angry 'Black' Woman is in Danger

Can we continue to sit back and not address a very present danger amongst the ‘black’ community? This damaging stereotypical self fulfilling behavior of nursing anger without tools and techniques to manage our personal feelings is becoming increasingly detrimental.