The UN has declared December 10th, Human Rights Day, concerned world citizens are encouraged to stand up for someone’s rights. Today we stand for a baby who does not yet have the strength to stand on her own.


Over three-hundred days ago Sarai Gabar, whose legal name is Quansa Thompson, was rushed by ambulance to St. Mary Hospital in Richmond Heights, Missouri with signs of bleeding. The first time mother was thirty-five weeks pregnant, reports say she hoped to have a natural birth. These hopes were dashed when Thompson joined the ranks of over 1.2 million women who are given C-sections yearly in the United States.

Thompson orphaned by her own mother since childhood held close to her heart visions of motherhood. Conflicted by her concern and desire the expectant mother was wedged between vaginal delivery and an impending C-section. Her apprehension was mis-construed as non-compliance by the attending hospital staff. What happened next sparked the consuming fires of a wild ordeal that burns to date.

According to the article shared on Facebook, on March 23, 2016, Thompson asserts that her daughter was illegally medically kidnapped by hospital and DFS officials. Within hours of succumbing to the pressure of labor and delivery staff, she was confronted by another wave of coercion. This time the concern was over the mother’s desire to breastfeed her child and the NICU’s determination to disallow it. Ultimately, it was a case of conventional vs natural care.

Thompson recalls in the article, “After I questioned their medical treatment, they started to get angry with me and started threatening to calls DFS.”

The following is an excerpt from the March Facebook Post:

Thompson was banned from the NICU and her child was taken into custody and placed with foster care at a mere three days old. Immediately after her release from the hospital Thompson began pursuing justice on behalf of herself and child. Her unheard cries to have the child have today gone on heard. The distressed mother has made appeals to the Hospital Director Pam Lesser, the Sheriff Department, Governor Jay Nixon of Missouri, the Director of Children Division Tim Becker, Carol Bader Director of Child Service, Deborah Smith the regional office of title 4E, and the FBI. In regard to her endless attempts to get assistance with her kidnapped child, Ms. Thompson states, “no one is trying to help me.”

Thompson did not see her baby girl again for twelve days. This video shows the distress that mother and baby were subjected to during one of their DFS supervised visits. Thompson adamantly petitioned to get her baby placed with a close friend. This arrangement lasted less than one week, and the child was taken back into DFS custody due to suspicions surrounding the infant’s fractured arm and leg.

Thompson’s friend is on record noting that the baby’s leg looked injured when the foster parents delivered her into the friend’s care. The DFS-selected foster parents assured them that everything was “okay.” Not feeling comfortable with this after a few days of observation, Thompson’s state-approved friend rushed the baby girl to the emergency room. It was through this visit that they learned that the baby was not “okay” and leg her leg had been fractured. No further investigation or information was ever made available to the mother.

Some five months later with no official charges or plausible explanations as to why her child was taken, Thompson was finally awarded shared supervised custody with the child’s father. At the conclusion of a seventy-two hour visit on July 18th,  she decided to take baby-girl Thompson to visit a friend in Cook County Illinois. Consequently, Thompson did not return within in the seventy-two hours and the baby was immediately reported to the authorities as a missing. Once again mother and daughter found themselves under the disapproving glare of the authorities.


According to local Missouri news station, “Police briefly issued an endangered missing person advisory after Thompson’s 5-month-old daughter, Wisdom, was reported missing in St. Louis.  Authorities found the daughter safe with Thompson in a small suburb near Chicago.  Thompson’s custodial rights had been revoked by the state.

The Division of Child Services is en route to Cook County, Illinois to take custody of the child. Thompson’s bond has been set for $15,000.”


Currently, Quansa Thompson is being held in Saint Louis County Justice Center after serving fifty-three days in an Illinois jail. Thompson has never been charged with violence or abuse towards her child and maintains her innocence against any other charges. In an erecent jail interview, Thompson was deeply disturbed by her circumstances, “I am locked up with women who murdered their children, do you hear me?”

Thompson insists that there has been foul play in her case since the birth of her baby. She maintains the baby has been wrongfully kidnapped by DFS and they have no legal right to her child. Thompson has insisted on a jury trial. She alleges that her trial is being delayed for nefarious reasons. During the interview she revealed, “They don’t want me to have the jury trial so bad…they are trying to put me in a mental institution!” Thompson was issued a court order motioning for the accused to be examined for “mental disease or defect.”

During the course of this nightmarish ordeal the distressed mother has exhausted all measures, including starting a petition  to Governor Jay NIxon of Missouri entitled “Stop Stealing Babies.”

The defendant is attempting to handle her case on her own. Thompson has decided to bypass the circuit court in hopes of having her appeal heard by the supreme court.  Barred from motherhood she continues to cry aloud and spare not, her foremost desire is that her child will be returned safely. Since conception Quansa Thompson looked forward to the idea of being a mother and holding her baby for the first time. Her introduction into motherhood has been bittersweet, she has not stopped longing for her daughter even from behind bars. Some bonds can never be broken.