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I love my mother. She is unique and shares her personality and love with her children and grand's. One extra special aspect of ‘Grannie’ as I call her is her love for gadgets. My name is Emunah and I am the adult child of a gadget lover.

What does this mean you ask? It means I get to be the recipient of the latest, coolest, must try products. Sometimes these items are a hit and sometimes its a miss.

Boom Waffle Breakfast

Well, today I am here to say Grannie has hit it off with the Waring Pro Belgium Waffle Maker

At home my family and I  have a very specific diet, we do not eat much pre-packaged food. There are many things that the children don’t eat because they a laden with chemicals. One day during one of their many food conversations the babies expressed to their Grannie that they have never tried waffles before. Well Gadget Grannie would hear no more of that.

She searched and priced and read reviews until she found the perfect waffle maker. One day I received a call “guess what,” her voice whispered on the other end.  That familiar tone let me know “Gadget Grannie” was at it again. Would it be a hit or miss I wondered.

One Sunday morning Grannie arrived with the infamous blue cooking bag. The babies were overjoyed with their first waffle experience. Weeks later it was my turn. My oldest the budding chef and her younger siblings made sure to instruct me saying “Grandma did it like this and Grandma said to do that.”

"Mommy can I pour" they all asked as they enthusiastically anticipated the good good breakfast. It was awesome to see that the waffle maker was a hit! Even the two year old was spelling it out, "Mama that was G-O-O-O-D Good!," she proclaimed.

Well, let me say I agree 100%% with the babies, those were the best waffles I have tasted in a long time. No freezer burn, not dry taste, no pesky ingredients. Thanks to Grannie we have  fresh made to order waffles with simple ingredients. Oh, how could I forget we topped those culinary delights with strawberries, peaches, maple syrup and lots of love.

Thanks Inspector Gadget Grannie

Check the pics below.

Do you like making new recipes with your family? If so let us know sharing is caring.


Emunah's Vegan Waffle Breakfast

Emunah's Waffle Breakfast

Grannie's Vegan Waffle Breakfast



Vegan Waffle Recipe

3 Cups Flour

2 Tbs Baking Powder

1/2 Tsp Salt

3 Cups Milk (We made it with homemade Oat Milk)

1/3 cup Cane Sugar or Sweetener

1/2 Cup Oil


Mix dry ingredients together

Mix wet ingredients together

Blend both wet & dry

Looking for a batter consistency

Top with fruits and maple syrup

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