Thousands of videos have cropped up all over social media concerning the recent slaying of Michael Brown of Ferguson, Missouri. Another tragedy propelled into the video light in attempts to sensationalize the realities of the underclass in America. Mass media coverage inundates the public with yet another side bar conversation in hopes to ignore the proverbial pink elephant in the room.

Killings, court-cases and legislation concerning the 3/5′s element of society reveals that nothing much has changed. The politically correctness of words scripted by well crafted teleprompter readers only serve to momentarily divert the attention of the viewing public. The media is designed to push buttons, strike emotional cords and pull heart strings. You play Pinocchio and they are Gepetto. The heavily loaded scales of the justice system reveals a naked ‘lady’ liberty. In her nakedness she seems to be in need of a chiropractic adjustment as her excessive leaning to one side has has thrown her upright posture off balanced.


Blind eyes are opened now as vigilantly justice saturates the atmosphere. The world is seeing the dirty secrets and deep social-economic wounds of this country being laid bare. The collective body of the ‘American People’ are perforated with sores riddled with wounds oozing odious puss all over the fabric of this nation. Societies subconscious is stained with a dark history and psychological residuals of slavery. Callousness and intolerance rest in the hearts of many. Social media um-censored reveals the true thoughts feeling and emotions for what is going on. In the spirit of free speech people have taken to Facebook, twitter, YouTube and personal blogs. Their videos seem to garner much aggravated desensitized comments towards the story as it unfolds.

An uncouth and unrefined extensions of the ‘American’ consciousness openly purports to revile the ‘Black’ community. The ‘Negros’ are unwanted, undesired, scourged and mocked. This observation begs the question what is the alternative? Post traumatic slave syndrome a leading cause of the state of ‘Black’ people has gone undiagnosed for over 400 years. When will or how can the curses of this reproach be lifted?


Efforts on behalf of our national leaders,Marcus, Malcom, Martin and many more have been internally and externally sabotaged. Sincere objectives has been thwarted as adversarial plots to ‘stop them them from being a nation’ have been made public. One can choose to ignore these indisputable truths at risk of purger against their soul. A methodical, systematic, psychological take down  was put in place in order for the powers that be to get their fingers on the pulse of potential dissidents.


As the scope narrows on the current state of affairs in Ferguson, Missouri and in extension across the country and world, ‘hands up, don’t shoot’ is more than a sign for the slaying of Micheal Brown, spiritually and historically it is an ancient position signifying prayer . In our feverish adaptation to signs and postures of demonstration we the people are unknowingly showing signs of surrendering to the ultimate higher power.  May this process awaken the dormant DNA molecules of our ancient forefathers and foremothers. May the truth molecule be activated within us. ‘Oh nation not desired’ continue to lift your hands and mind in a sign of submission to the Creator asking for divine intervention not from an idol or a man but the true and living power. We have been given a diet of unclean foods, historical propaganda with soul numbing mind stealing dis info. It is time to awaken ‘Oh ye dry bones’.


In my estimation it is time to face the inharmonious music. No more separate but equal, or desire to integrate, singing we shall over come with the same entities that wishes to see your demise. A level of humility, self evaluation and accountability is imperative to repeal the divine judgements that have been placed upon the heads of the so called ‘Negros’. No justice no peace is a true statement indeed, peace can not reign until we bring about justice for the injustices that we and our forefather the ancients have universally committed. Transgressing the protocols of universal order when we were Kings and Queens, negating our responsibility for the allure of the nations. Subsequently we were cast out from our former estate to learn a well needed lesson. So YES, Hands up, don’t shoot  and surrender to the ultimate higher power. Win from within.