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What does it mean to love being ‘black’? Created images and stereotypes plaster the walls and imaginations of we the people. Being ‘black’ has so many positive and negative connotations in today’s world. Scorned, glorified, degraded, revered, objectified, exploited and beguiled ‘blacks’ fight an up hill battle socially, physically and spiritually. For centuries the world used Euro-Centric lenses to view and interpret the depth and beauty of ‘blackness’. African, Indian, Asiatic and European cultures have all partaken of the light vs. dark skinned paradigm. In areas of art, media and entertainment the dark faces of society have been castigated, leaving an indelible mark on the consciousness of a melatoninated people. 

The darker the skin the more the stigma. Built into society even amongst ‘black’ people is the notion that light is right. This whitewashed reality feeds the cancer of self hatred within the soul. Epidemics such as skin bleaching, hair processing and self mutilation are evidence of the need of positive images in the community. Skin bleaching namely is a process where ‘black’ people use harsh poisonous chemicals to lighten their skin. This epidemic is sweeping Africa as well as America and the Caribbean.  Countless documentaries shot over the past years lend credence to the notion that skin color plays a monumental role in the social economic status of ‘black’ people across the globe.  

Distorted images of beauty have torn and stained the fabric of a people. A new day however is on the horizon, the voice of a remnant of conscious minded individuals are taking center stage. With the old resounding message that ‘Black’ is beautiful. The goal is to reclaim the beauty of the soul and a love for the skin that one is born in. Notably at the forefront of this movement is an affirmation coined by Social Strategist and entrepreneur Kumi Rauf. In recent years he has been able to garner the support of over 6.6 million people all over the world who confer with the deceleration “I love being ‘black’”

Kumi’s Facebook book page has the largest show of solidarity among ‘black’ people internationally which is a great achievement. He uses his facebook platform to highlight other talented positive artist, musicians, models and ‘black’ business owner. Upon visiting this haven of love one quickly notes that the patrons of the page are glad to lend support by liking posts, commenting and sharing  encouraging messages.

After years of building a brand and effectively harnessing the power of social media, Kumi Rauf has proved successful in his ability to translate a phrase into a life long story of love. To all of those who are in the struggle to reclaim self and the value of being may this trend become a habit and this habit a lifestyle. Continue to make positive affirmations and materialize them into the world you desire to see.

Hating skin color is contempt for God’s divine creative imagination. Honoring it is appreciation for conscious, beautiful-love-inspired diversity.
— T.F. Hodge