An amazing discovery has been found in Georgia this week, an unexpected hairy ordeal tucked away under the cushion of an antique. This recent revelation has invoked a visceral reaction in both 'blacks' and 'whites' alike. Videographer Tyrone Freeman can be heard documenting his find in in a two-minute jaw dropping show and tell video.

 This rare discovery of the real DNA strains of slave hair is both confirmation and further degradation of the children of the chattel slavery experience in America. Freeman did a great service to the nation by sharing his findings . Before now much of the hard core proof of slavery's cruelties have been dismissed as 'folklore' or 'urban legends.'

 For example the LEV project recently discovered the autobiography of one southern female named Letitia M. Burwell. In her book, A Girl's Life in Virginia Before the War, the author attempts to absorb southern slave owners guilt by stating this in her preface "Dedicated to my nieces, who find in English and American publications such expressions applied to their ancestors as: "cruel slave-owners"; "inhuman retches"; "southern taskmasters"; "dealers in human souls," etc. From these they will naturally recoil with horror. My own life would have been embittered had I believed myself to be descended front such monsters; and that those who come after us may know the truth, I wish to leave a record of plantation life as it was. The truth may thus be preserved among a few, and merited praise may be awarded to noble men and virtuous women who have passed away."

 Her narrative goes on to paint a very different reality from what Mr. Freeman has found in Georgia. Freeman confirmed with the family that his findings were indeed slave hair. To add insult to injury after being asking by several people on social media about what would be the fate of the slave hair chair Freeman replies, "they want it like it was," referring to the owners of the chair desiring for the hair to stay apart of their furniture.

 I would be remiss in not noting that Freeman received backlash for sharing this video, people express vested interest in keeping this demeaning but true history a secret. The video was reported over 2000 times on of Facebook.

 In response to his nay sayers Freeman issues this public statement "I see the comment keeps being said "if it was me I wouldn't do it".

 Couple things here.

 1) If you had a chance to touch smell and repair something from history wouldn't you? I'm sure my DNA trail could be found in that hair.

 2) I'm able to show people something they have never seen before, or even knew was possible.

 3) I like history, and I know when to pick a battle. There is no battle here. 100% win.

 4) Our baby woke people , don't get mad at everything. Look at the value of this find. 200-year-old African-American history."

 The truth about slavery and its horrors are covered over. The idea of reparations are scoffed at, institutionalized racism is minimized and the descendants of slaves still seek justice and equality. Some four hundred years after the entire ordeal began myelinated people are still struggling.