The winds of the New Age Movement (NAM) are swirling in the atmosphere. We live in a time where pseudo spiritualist spew words of unholy deception into the ears of willing participants. Their toxic teachings pollute the air leaving the world in a state of global warning. People in search of love in all the wrong places become gullible, yielding to the rhetoric of ‘spiritual masters’ and self-help guru’s. Falling in love with the sensation of ‘truth’ these truth-seekers become blind to the real intent of the movement.

The ‘sheeple’ are served soul-snatching elixirs filled with fallacies meant to cause temporally insanity, drunken stupors and fairytale stories of far gone realities. The ego of the initiate is made to believe they are ‘gods’ who sit on the throne of their own convoluted minds. Proclamations of conscientiousness shifts float upon the muddy waters of the hearts, these lies breed disease and cut off the soul from its source. The person is often prompted to severe all ties breaking bonds that may tether them to rational thinking. The ‘us’ against ‘them’ card is played and family, friends and associated are cast out from their sphere of influence.

The NAM seems to have a flavor for each day of the week, an answer for every deep rooted question. They make spiritual what is intellectuality, and intellectualize spirituality a practice which results in a hodgepodge of fact, fiction and foolishness. They propose to know it all, the who’s, the what’s, and the why’s of life are answered with the flip of a card, the chime of a bell and the invocation of entities from beyond. Participants begin to experience Shaman like activity from the spiritual realm. Like a child who experiments and feels the power of something actually ‘working’ the initiate gets a dopamine high from these ancient practices. Messing around with this ‘spirit science’ feeds the ego the adrenaline powers the will opening the appetite for more. The ego is boasted and the distance between us and them widens.

Health is an issue, mental issues, depression and low self esteem are at the forefront of our industrialized ‘advanced’ society. In the search for self many have stumbled right into the hands of New Agers posing as “Holistic Health Practitioners”. Glamorized and sensationalized Yoga practices has taken the forefront in this great deception. Babies, mothers to be and even the elderly are invited to take part of this ancient Hindu practice of ‘yoking’ ones soul with deities.  This cultist observance is veiled as a great health tool for losing weight, lowering stress levels and calming the mind. But this to is not the truth, teachings such as Kundalini Yoga focuses on awakening a serpentine energy withing the individual, this activity is on record as being hazardous to ones well being.

Those who pick up a Natural Awakening health magazines may be lured into many occult practices disguised as healing modalities. Reiki, Tarot Cards, Seances, Pendulums, Crystal consultations and guided meditations are all methods of divination. For those of desires to circumvent Universal law  these sciences are appealing. Desensitization of the dangers and forbidden nature of this ‘knowledge’ invites the participant to delve in and share in attempt to infect those around them.

The NAM is a scantly clad debased woman who’s ancient art of spiritual prostitution has lead many of our people to their own demise. Her seductive nature is as old as time, her promises intoxicate like wine and her judgments come from the Divine. Akin to Pandora’s Box this forbidden compilation of knowledge is being illegally channeled into the earth, exploited for power and financial gain sold to spiritually malnourished souls.

“Consumerism, depravity, callousness, egotism and a lost of connection with humanity has created a great schism.”

Ex-newagers have and are taking back their power. Testimonies from beyond reveal that there is a way back from deep with in the rabbits hole. One such ex-newager who goes by the Youtube name “The Vigalian Christian” has reclaimed and dedicated his life to exposing the dangers of the NAM. His Youtube Channel has grown exponentially since 2012. In two years time he garnered over 58,000 subscribers and 7.9 million views. He testifies that he spent ten years of his life engrossed in the illusive movement, allowing his body to be a host for up to thirty ‘spirit guides’. One day his world came crashing in when he began to question the validity of what he was doing. At that point all ‘hell’ broke lose in his life. Beyond religion his story is one of hope for what seems like a hopeless situation.

For those of us who may have family, friends or associates who have or is getting swept away in the wave of soul-stealing deception further research can help get them the aid they may need. Video testimonies and articles provide a wealth of information to help them find their way back. Share and spread this for the love of those we stand to lose. Help souls break free from the clutches of the New Age Movement.

“Life & Death is before you this day, CHOOSE LIFE!”


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