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Where does one start with such a statement? Or better yet what kind of a person would utter these words? I suppose it would be best to begin with the latter. Controversial self-proclaimed relationship author Ro Cutno aka Rokisha Cutno has popularized her work using shock value to garner supporters and enemies. Her Guerrilla marketing tactics on social media has created two clearly defined groups, simply those who ‘love’ her and others who lets say ‘strongly dislike’ her.

Outside of her book, MAN LEADS, woman follows, Everyone Wins, Cutno consistently promotes her products WIFE SCHOOL and HUSBAND SUMMIT as the answer to the issues that plague the black community. Her campaign is centered on jeering and cajoling ‘black’ women into confessing that their ‘mannish’ and ‘masculine’ ways are the reason they are single or unhappily wed. Cutno asserts that working outside the home is ‘masculine’ and women need to find men who will be willing to support them while they remain at home fulltime. This doctrine appeals to tired, single and married women who have worked as ‘slaves’ the majority of their adult lives and who are in search of their ‘king.’

The main lure that Cutno uses to capture the imaginations of her prospects is her personal life. For example in one post she asserts that working is for men and she has never had a job in her life.

The above meme was featured on her page to illustrate the author’s claim that “she has never worked and her job is to be a ‘feminine’ stay at home wife and mother.” However, on page four of her book MAN LEADS she states the following: “For eight years of my life, I directed the first trilingual school in the USA.” The school that she makes reference to was located in Atlanta, Georgia and according to this website she incorporated SWISS Trilingual School Inc on July 29, 2010. When taking into account this additional information, these statements are inconsistent and the numbers do not make for eight years or a jobless Cutno.

The question becomes, did she “direct the first trilingual school for eight years” or did she “never have a job in life.” It is interesting to note, that Cutno is listed as CEO, CFO and Secretary at the SWISS Trilingual School. Past patrons had this to say.

Unfortunately, the owners & director got in the way of their own success due to overall poor management. This school will never be able to be fixed for that very sad reason. Do not put your children through this emotional roller coaster of a "school" if you do not have to. I am a former parent at the SWISS school.” 

The former parent whose yellow pages online id is changeagent1080 went on to say,

"Not one child since the school’s inception (besides the owners’ & director's children) still attend this school, this should be an alarming sign to all! Administration had a surplus of funds however; they allowed the surplus to dwindle into debt in a matter of a few short months. Bottom line, great concept, extremely poor management- Buyer Beware!” this comment was shared in February 2012.

Since this time Rokisha redirected her attentions from children, to her new target audience; black men, black women and their relationship issues. In her book she details her reasons for pursuing this new course of action. The author states, “I myself was lead to this study because all around me, pretty modern women were often complaining of not being able to find or keep good men;” She testifies that she spent almost two years with her research team traveling internationally, collecting over 1000 data samples that she now uses as the basis for her claims. Cutno is on record as saying she is an expert in masculine culture something she terms ‘masculinese.’

Now to revisit the statements of dysfunctional, ignorant ‘black’ people being second only to the extreme poor of the world. Hundreds of followers interface with her daily giving accolades and praising her outlandish and fanciful viewpoints. Considering the responses of her supporters, they may be the ones Cutno refers to as ignorant, dysfunctional or in her estimation both. Regarding those who may disagree or share a dissenting opinion, Cutno has an arsenal of social media retorts that aim to label those persons as “traitors,” “haters” and “nasty people.”

One is left to wonder; who is buying into her extreme version of ‘femininity’? Who would tolerate being berated, belittled and disrespected in the name of 'self help'? In the post below you will note that Cutno continues to claim that she has ‘love’ for ‘Black’ people, even praising their culture as “fascinating and rich.” Conversely, she goes on to emphatically declare, “Only people of extreme poverty (dirt eating, bucket bathroom, zero clean water) are more dysfunctional & ignorant,” than 'black people'. She closed this diatribe on a familiar note “Get the book, WIFE SCHOOL, HUSBAND SUMMIT and secure your generational success, or be left where you are.”

Cutno has come under fire in the past for her social media antics. Her critics have charged her with being a scamer, misogynist, sexist and hater of ‘black women.’ The body of work that she has compiled over the past two years creates a false dilemma, the onlooker is forced to choose Cutno or perish! 

One a positive note there are a myriad of viable solutions that speak to the holistic healing process of ‘black’ community. These solutions are tailored to wards educating the people about the nature of their injury, while providing practical solutions for everyday problems. The ‘black’ community has sustained major mental, emotional, physical and social trauma over the last four-hundred plus years, dysfunction and ignorance are a result of that trauma.

“The cure is in the cause.”

-Emunah Y'srael

Emunah Y'srael is an expert in DIY Soul Improvement with over 19 years actively dedicated to her own soul journey. She is the creator of the SOUL CENTER, the Zacar Song Project (a national anthem for spiritual healing), The Take Time to Heal Community Support Forum.